Showing: October 3-27

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 5, 5-7 pm

Ikebana Demonstration: October 12, 2pm: Come and learn about the history and philosophy of this ancient art form, from its Shinto origins, evolving into a Buddhist monastic tradition and a medieval Samurai discipline to a modern day abstract art form. Charles Coghlan has studied Ikebana for 33 years and is a third-level teacher of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana of Tokyo, Japan.

Introduction to Meditation: October 13, 10am: Gallery Assistant Ginny Rohan will give a brief introduction to mindfulness meditation and talk about how she uses it in conjunction with collage as therapy for those dealing with cancer. Then she will guide those gathered in a ten minute meditation, followed by a group discussion. Tea will be served. This event takes place before the gallery opens to the public.

Artist talk: Sunday, October 13, 2pm: I’ll be giving an informal talk about the whys and hows of my painting practice—where I find my inspiration, how I choose my subject matter, an overview of my process, and what it’s like to let them go after months of working on them. Bring your curiosity!

Jazz concert: Sunday, October 20, 6pm: Three-time Latin Grammy nominee Jovino Santos Neto, a master pianist, composer and arranger, is among the top Brazilian musicians working today. Jovino’s personal style is a creative blend of energetic grooves, deep harmonies, lyrical melodies and great ensemble playing. Neto is joined by Tim Carey, electric bass & multi-instrumentalist plus Jeff Buschdrummer/percussionist & vocalist.
Tickets available for $25 through the Gallery or online at Konnectclub.com

Fountainhead Gallery

625 W McGraw St. Seattle WA 98119  
(Near Macrina Bakery on Queen Anne)

Gallery Hours: Thursday-Sunday, 11-6


Succession, 30 x 24, Oil on panel

Succession, 30 x 24, Oil on panel

A Sense of Order | 30x40 | 2019 |  ©  Christine Gedye

A Sense of Order | 30x40 | 2019 | © Christine Gedye


If you’d like to connect with me at the gallery, I will be there most weekends:

  • Saturday, October 5th: 5-7pm (for the opening reception!)

  • Sunday, October 6th : 3-5 pm

  • Saturday, October 12th: 1-3pm

  • Sunday, October 13th: 2-4 pm (artist talk at 2:00)

  • Saturday, October 19th: 4-6 pm  

  • Sunday, October 20th: noon—2pm and at 6pm (for the concert)

If you’d like to meet me there at another time/day, just shoot me an email and we’ll set something up. I’m around!

additional information

  • Interested in a piece? Most of the information you need will be available on the STILLNESS page of the gallery’s website. They even have a cool app that allows you to visualize a painting on your wall at home. Artwork will be delivered to the gallery on September 26th and hung on September 29th.

  • Parking: The gallery is on a commercial street in an otherwise residential neighborhood. There is no designated parking lot but usually there is free parking nearby on surrounding streets.

  • Jazz Concert: Sunday October 20 at 6pm featuring Brazilian jazz pianist Jovino Santos Neto, and his fellow musicians. Tickets are $25 each. Please contact the gallery to purchase tickets in advance, as these small-venue concerts often sell out.

  • Local Eateries: Want to grab a bite to eat while you are on Queen Anne? Of course there is the famous Macrina Bakery next door; some other tasty lunch spots up on Queen Anne Avenue are Bounty Kitchen, Bite Box, and Ale House. Best dinner spots on Queen Anne: Betty’s, Paragon, Orrapin, How to Cook a Wolf (reservations required).

Coral Kisses | 36x36 | 2019 |  ©  Christine Gedye

Coral Kisses | 36x36 | 2019 | © Christine Gedye